Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Disrespecting elders!

Well, of course its wrong but at the same time.. hillarious!

Armenian Comedy Prank a Man in Shower

In your face!

Guide to Armenia

Hvat's guide to Armenia
This is similar to the modern Borat humour

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kurdish humour

Kurdish guy dresses up spanish guy in Spain and makes him sing and talk in Kurdish

US Soldier singing in Kurdish

US Soldiers swears in Kurdish in southern Kurdistan, Mosul.
BULL SHIT = SATLE GOO = bucketful shit

Bird talks Kurdish

Army solderiers clear Kurdish restaurant cave pretty funny!

Clips by Hayk Manukyan

This guy Hayk Manukyan is really funny. Check out some of his works here.

Armenian humour: Smughead: The Teecket.
Karo and Abo on a road trip, stopped by a cop.

Armenian humour: Asian at Armenian wedding
Karo tells Abo of a time when He saw an Asian man at an Armenian wedding.

The very best of Armenian-Kurdish amatuer music

Armenian musicians in Georgia, drink vodka and listen to this clip comrades!

Engagement party on the streets of northern Kurdistan (Adiyaman = Semsûr ), it is kind of normal to celebrate on the streets and strangers often come to join.

Armenian dance by Stepan Frounjian the Wedding dance, he is talanted.

Friend of mine, Sedat plays Muxtaro lo muxtaro.

Artin plays Armenian dance on yamaha tyros 2 song, great musician.


Hülya, famous half kurdish profile in Turkey makes fun of Ciwan Haco, famous kurdish artist and then he kind of insults her back.
Spoken in Kurmancî and Turkish

Ithikon Akmeotaton - Armenian Music Medley